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About Client

Events Solution International is a fleet event management company, dealing with enhancement to the manufactured vehicle. The major clients that this company deals with are the dealers from different manufacturers like GM, FORD etc.

About Project

The Event Solutions International (ESI) Fleet Management system is a web-based, interactive, database oriented software application used by both ESI internal staff, and authorized external users to manage the overall business and operations of ESI’s Press Fleet business operation.  The current web-based solution was suffering from poor performance, and no longer accurately reflected the data, processes, and interactions required to provide a high-quality, robust, and comprehensive operational and business management of the Press Fleet operations.
The project consists of 2 web based application. The first being a general public site mostly for ESI’s customers, media , client users for requesting for vehicles on loan, viewing their loan histories. All activities can be done by authorized users after they register and login. The second web application is an administrative tool for managing the total workflow or the internal activities of ESI. All the loan requests are scheduled; vehicles undergo prep stages to complete delivery and return of vehicles are also managed through system by the concept of work orders. Apart from that the ESI users can upload media clips, create announcements for the client and media users.

Setup Details

  • Front End Tools –ASP.Net C# in .NET Platform
  • Reporting Tools – Crystal Report.
  • Database - SQL Server 2000
  • Version Control System: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0
  • O/S- Windows XP


Effective User, Loans,Vehicle, WorkOrders management & Report Generation for Internal adminstration website of Event Solutions international Inc

Quick Display and Easy Access of Vehicle Loan Schedules & Required Reports, to the Client and Media users of ESI in an user friendly manner.



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