Technology products, Custom software applications and services for E-learning, Automotive Industries, Education, Personnel Acquisition, Human Resources etc– that’s what we specialize in providing.

STI Software team believes that along with technical talent and skills, a strong flow of communication and project management & coordination skills is a prerequisite for delivering high quality sustainable product, and an essential part and enabler of development work. We assess the needs of the client by effective communication through iterative discussions, emails to help them decide as to what they need. We create prototypes and visual demonstrations of the proposed solutions that are presented to make it easier for them to make decisions on what they need and how close we are to understanding their business requirements. Through research we help promote greater recognition of the essential components required for the solutions among decision-makers both for international and national level clients, making the case for better incorporation of ideas before turning them into development thinking and practice.

Programming Languages

C, C++, VC++, C#, J# Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, JSP, PHP

Project Management

Full adherence to the SDLC lifecycle from project kick off to project completion and closure.

Process Followed

  • Agree precise specification for the project.
  • Plan the project - time, team, activities, resources, and financials.
  • Communicating the project plan to project team and project shareholders.
  • Agree and delegate project actions.
  • Manage, motivate, inform, encourage, enable the project team.
  • Check, measure, review project progress; adjust project plans, and inform the project team and others.
  • Complete project; review and report on project performance; closure of project.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly Project Progress Reports to Client.

Tools Used

  • Gantt Charts
  • Logic Networks
  • PERT Charts
  • Product Breakdown Structures(PBS)
  • Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Mockups using MS VISIO, Excel Sheets

Documents Developed & Maintained

  • Project Proposal Document
  • Statement of Work
  • SRS – Systems Requirement Specification Document
  • Functional Specification Document
  • Test Case Document
  • Product Validation Document
  • Release Notes Document ( for every release done)
  • Change Request Document
  • Bug Report Document
  • Project Closure Document (Sign Off)

Application Development

  • Web Based Application using ASP, ASP.NET 2008
  • Stand Alone Applications using visual basic ,

Custom Built Software

  • Our business analysts can work with you to develop a specification for software to perform exactly to your requirements. We help you developing a detailed technical specification and a prototype system where you can visualize how your complete product would look like once delivered.
  • We work directly with you to tailor, test and implement your new system and on choice can provide continuous support throughout its life, working over enhancements and updates.
  • In this way, we get to know your business and are then ideally placed to adjust the software to suit developments and changes which may become necessary. 
  • Organizations need highly specialized applications, although off-the-shelf packages do sometimes answer the needs for every company’s own particular requirements, but focusing on these highly specialized needs, bring in the need to develop your own custom built software.

If you think you have a specific need do not hesitate to call us on <248.735.3900> or email us at <>.

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"STI provided an innovative way for me to maximize production while increasing profitability. My team is more productive focusing on growth rather than doing the daily tasks."

Jeff Stanislow
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