Our Quality Control Team


To err is human; to identify & fix before its impact is what we believe in…ensuring zero defect product delivery.

We believe in “Degree of Excellence”. Preventing defects are our main motto. Our team ensures all parties concerned with the project adhere to the process and procedures, standards and templates and test readiness reviews.
We provide High quality software usually conforming to the user requirements, covering a breadth of features - conformance to specifications, good performance on platform(s)/configurations, completely meets operational requirements (even if not specified!), compatibility to all the end-user equipment. Confirming the verification and validation of the software through the traceability matrix
Quality control team: We ensure that defective products or services are not produced, and that the design meets product, user and performance requirements and that is achieved by our versatile testing process.
Our testing methods:

  1. Includes test planning, managing and controlling the testing process, and testing techniques. 
  2. The full lifecycle testing methodology performed :
    • Testing Concepts
    • Test Process Model
    • Testing Standards

Testing Concepts, describes the "why" and "what" of the testing discipline.  It presents the concepts relating to test planning, test preparation, test execution and test reporting.  It covers, at a generic level, every facet of testing; types, techniques, levels, and integration approaches.

Test Process Model, describes the "how," "who" and "when" of testing.  It explains the processes, procedures and tools needed to support a structured approach to testing.

Testing Standards, describes the criteria to be met in order for specific levels of testing (such as Operability testing) to be considered acceptable by the organization. It’s handled by the Quality assurance team

Types of Testing done: Functional testing, Non-functional testing, Usability testing, Unit testing, Integration testing, System Testing Alpha- testing, Beta-testing, White box testing, Black box Testing and Grey box testing

Automation Tools Used

  • Web server stress testing tool for Performance testing
  • QTP testing tool for Functional testing

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