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About Client

SVE America is an automobile company, dealing with enhancement to the manufactured vehicle. The major clients that this company deals with are the dealers from different manufacturers like GM, FORD etc.

About Project

The project consists of 2 web based application.
The first being a general public site mostly for dealers & manufacturers,  dealing with the product promotions for SVE and an authenticated application embedded for ordering vehicles to SVE, which can be done only by the authorized dealers.
The second web application is an administrative tool for managing the total workflow or the internal activities of SVE. All the orders placed by the dealers are presented over here, and it moves through different stages to complete the order. Apart from that the SVE users can create survey, upload documents and create announcements for the dealers and media user.
The site has a rich look presented by extensive use of AJAX technology.

Setup Details

  • Front End Tools –ASP.Net C# in .NET Platform
  • Reporting Tools – Crystal Report.
  • Database - SQL Server 2000
  • Technology Used : AJAX
  • Version Control System: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0
  • O/S- Windows XP


Effective management of the total workflow of the internal activities between the dealers and manufacturers of automobiles including the dealing of products and ordering of vehicles in authenticated manner.



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