About Us

Love challenges & hard work; and our passion for customer service is what keeps us going ; backed up by team work and enthusiasm

To work with utmost devotion, enthusiasm and sincerity to enhance our product delivery standards with never failing efforts in challenging conditions and situations; Hard Work and Customer Service being our passion, we strive towards helping our clients attain their financial goals, protect their families and businesses and be a resource to all who require our services. We treat every customer as the only one we have. Our people are our greatest strength and teamwork is what keeps us going.

Spirit is the immaterial intelligence and essential principle that gives a person life.  From a team definition, we believe it’s the energy of common purpose and the ability to make us better, or worse, depending on the positive level of energy.  From a project definition, it’s the feeling of adding value to our credentials, to the business, and to our individual definition of self.  Spirit goes beyond the technical compliance to a specification – spirit is the essence of the human contribution that moves a work item from a spec to a piece of art – molded by its creator and stamped with individuality- we are driven by our spirit of enthusiasm to produce THE BEST for our customers.

The key values we honor are:

  • ENTHUSIASM – our determination which we believe is the best ingredient that
    leads our teams to succeed.
  • ABILITY – is what we got that can drive 100% quality of what we can deliver. 
  • TALENT – our natural ability to do it
  • ACQUIRED SKILL – what we learn along the way helps us grow each day
  • ATTITUDE – highly positive as contagious as our enthusiasm
  • TOLERANCE – have ability to endure highest level of challenges and obstacles.


STI Group

STI - Creative ServicesSystem Technology International Inc.


"STI provided an innovative way for me to maximize production while increasing profitability. My team is more productive focusing on growth rather than doing the daily tasks."

Jeff Stanislow
President, Motor City Interactive