Why STI Software ?

About Us

Your Choice Matters, but Satisfaction is what we guarantee. We take responsibility of our actions.

Resource Management

By outsourcing programming, testing and design work for your project development your in house engineers will be able to focus on the systems and products specific to their expertise.

Budget Management

Pay for exactly the service you need…..when you need it. No need to hire staff internally, attend expensive training, license expensive software.

Project Management

Our team of highly diligent and time conscientious project managers and coordinators will be available at you at every step of development work to make sure the progress is on the right direction and your satisfaction is our main goal.

Objective Perspective

Our solution designers and developers understand what works and what doesn't. We can offer fresh and valuable insight for automating your manual systems to make best use of technology in a simple and cost effective way.

Time Crunch

If time is a preventive factor where you cannot get it done internally without sacrificing internal core projects then STI Software can meet your critical deadlines.

Scalable System

The systems will be designed with the future in mind, scalable for future growth, multiple simultaneous testing, and increased functionality using modular, reusable code.

Creative & Software Synch

Our internal team of creative designers can offer varied ideas on enhancing your applications design as well for all your public facing websites to enable you stand out of the crowd and make a difference!

STI Group

STI - Creative ServicesSystem Technology International Inc.


"STI provided an innovative way for me to maximize production while increasing profitability. My team is more productive focusing on growth rather than doing the daily tasks."

Jeff Stanislow
President, Motor City Interactive